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Aug 05, 2015 at 02:20 PM

Seemingly incorrect value for Amount in LC during GR posting


Hello Guru's,

I have a question regarding a GR posting where the value that appears in the Amount in LC field on the PO History tab is seemingly incorrect. Here is the scenario I require your help on. I am trying to receive a qty of 1EA for a material with a net price of $1,340.00 per 1EA. My GR posting should have a value in the "Amount in LC" field of $1,340.00 however it is actually posting at $1,343.60 and I'm not sure why. The previous GR posting for this material happened 3 months back and was for the correct value of $1,340.00. Please help. Screenshots of PO item overview and PO History as well as Material Master Accounting 1 tab attached.


GR Error.jpg (76.9 kB)