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Aug 05, 2015 at 12:40 PM

Exchange difference (KDM) line in ccd curr & Grp curr.


Hi Gurus,

I need your input on the following:

My company code currency INR and Group currency USD.

We purchased in EUR, when we book the invoice we booked in EUR.

System posted Vendor+GRIR in document currency

whereas for in company code currency,

system posted vendor+GRIR+PRD

to top of my confusion in group currency

system posted vendor+GRIR+PRD+KDM


I checked OB22, source currency is same for company code currency and group currency

I checked OMWB accounts maintained for transaction keys PRD+KDM


My doubt, why Exchange difference (KDM) line is not coming in company code currency (INR vs EUR) but in group currency (USD vs EUR) when the transaction currency (EUR) differs both (INR & USD) ?

Please give your valuable inputs

Best regards