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Aug 05, 2015 at 11:54 AM

AED not appearing in duties indicator tab


Hello Experts,

Please find our client issue and throw some light.

1. GL Code GL Name

(a) 24825000 RG23C ADC

(b) 24860000 Cenvat RG23C ADC

When we run J2IUN, AED values are not appearing. If we select sub transaction type "IP" then GL 24860000 (b) values are appearing for utilization.

but GL "24825000" values are not appearing which has to be.

Please find our configuration for the same

1. GLs Configuration for "RG23C AED"

2. Excise accounts per excise transaction configuration.

3. Utilization Determination cofiguration

As per above configuration when we run J2IUN transaction please find below screen appearing without AED in duties tab.

Please provide further inputs to resolve this issue.