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Aug 05, 2015 at 11:25 AM

BO Design Studio variable prompt prefilled when using planning function


Dear all,

We are using Planning Function within BO as described in the following scenario:

  • One simple query with variable popup
  • One simple planning function, which is executed by clicking a button
  • Planning Function and Query share two variables (Year, Delivery Center)
  • Both variables are manual input variables and have no default value set

When executing the Design Studio template, the variables are prefilled and the value help will not show the list of all available values, but only the ones which have been preselected (e.g. Year 2011). If you want to select a different year or delivery center than the preselected one, you have to enter the technical ID manually.

As described, the variables do neither have coding nor default values set.

When removing the planning function from the design studio template, the variable popup is empty (as expected) and the value help works accordingly. So it seems to be related to the planning function. However, I could not find any place for the planning function where default values would be maintained. When executing the planing function directly from within RSPLAN, no prefilling has taken place.

Does anyone know where to check for these preselections and how to disable this in Design Studio?

We already tried to set the query to load in script but the same happens.