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Aug 04, 2015 at 10:43 PM

Sorting in Hierarchy Using Bex as the Source (BICS Connection) BO 4.1


Hello Guys,

I have an issue. Am trying to change a hierarchy structure to certain sort order according to requirement but am finding it difficult because hierarchies behaves differently when it comes to sorting when using BICS connection (Bex). It uses ascending and descending orders. I have BO 4.1 SP5. My report has already been set as a Section. I have tried to replicate the two SAP Note 1892608 by re-arranging the query panel by putting the hierarchy structure first but did not work. The SAP Note 1407617 cannot be applied to my situation because of the way the report is built because there is nowhere the Row Index can be dropped in the report and the report has already been sectioned. Any other idea please?