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Aug 04, 2015 at 05:51 PM

REST Adapter - User Sessions do not close/end


Hello everybody!

We have exposed some function modules as RESTFul Services (using REST Sender Adapter). The problem is: we are calling these services using different kinds of clients (like SOAP UI) and even after the end of the execution of the function module the user sessions stay opened in SAP PI. The sessions stay opened for 1.800 seconds (timeout parameter)!

This only happens with REST Adapter! We have lots of function modules exposed as SOAP Services whose user sessions are closed immediately after the execution of the function module! Looking at SAP Management Console we see that sessions opened via REST Adapter have the "State" column set to "Sticky". On the other hand, session opened via SOAP Adapter ARE NOT “Sticky”!

Using SOAP UI we have even tried to set "Connection: close" HTTP Header parameter, but it did not solve our problem!

Any ideas ?

Thank you in advance