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Aug 04, 2015 at 04:54 PM

For the object J_1I57FC no sub-object was defined



while maintaning number ranges for object J_1I57FC in SNUM t code the error occurs" for the object J_1I57FC no sub object was defined"

For the object J_1I57FC no sub-object was defined

Message no. NR006


- A sub-object was not specified when the number range object was defined.

- The sub-object value table has no entries.

Examples of sub-objects of a number range object are: company code, controlling area, operating concern, warehouse number or plant.


- If the intervals are to be distinguished by sub-objects, change the definition of the number range object using Transaction SNRO.

- You can determine the value tables belonging to the sub-object as follows:

1. Call the transaction SNRO -> Display the affected number range object. Note the name of the data element of the sub-object.

2. Call the transaction SE11 -> Display the affected data element. Give the value table displayed here entries by using standard table maintenance or the customizing function.

i have tried in SE 11 table but i cannt find it,

pls help me


jayesh nemade