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Aug 04, 2015 at 06:21 PM

Freezing the Plan Version Itself


Dear Experts,

I understand the function of freezing the plan budget into a frozen version through FMCYFREEZE where frozen version is created as a non-modifiable copy only. After the freeze, source plan version is still open for any editing.

I have come across a unique requirement by the client who wants to freeze the Plan Version itself at a certain time (instead of copying it into the Frozen Version). So when Plan Version is freeze / locked it can't be changed by anyone in the organization. If they need to modify the plan budget data in future, it will be through creation of new plan budget.

Considering the above scenario, I would like to take suggestion if there is any possibility to freeze the plan version itself.

I would like to request all FM gurus especially @Eli Klovski @Atif Farooq and @Vanessa Barth to suggest any possible solution.


Muhammad Waseem