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Aug 04, 2015 at 05:23 PM

BPM: Permanent error in BPM inbound processeing


Hi friends,

we have standard interfaces in SBI(smallworld Business Integrator) Product. which is provided by GE Company to Synchronize ERP and GIS objects.

In this one interface is used to Create/change/Delete the EQUI/FL from SAP to GIS System. we imported all design objects into ESR according to the manual provided by GE. and we did the configurations in ID also.

EQUI/FL(Create/Change/Delete)-------------> Event------>IP_TechOBJ------->IP_EQUI/IP_FL------->Asset(Create/change/delete)


After all configurations I did the change one Equipment data. Event successfully triggered in ERP system and starts the IP_TechOBJ integration Process. This Integration Process starts the IP_EQUI/IP_FL based on technical object type i.e. equi/fl.

But IP_TechObj failing to call the IP_EQUI. I am getting this "BPM: Permanent error in BPM inbound processeing".

I saw some threads regarding this issue but i didnt found proper solution.......................!

Can anybody help.......................?