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Aug 04, 2015 at 04:18 PM

BW 7.3 - DSO activation starts before loading process finished


We are currently trying to resolve a situation where the activation of data in a DSO starts before all requests are completed loaded into the New table. The first assumption was that there was a mistake in the process chain that allowed this to happen, but our investigation shows that is not the case. Here are the facts:

  • We are using SAP BW 7.3 SP 7. This was a new installation and not upgraded from BW 3.5.
  • DSO A is a Write-Optimized DSO
  • DSO B is a Standard DSO.


  1. The process chain executes two DTPs in parallel into DSO A, but has an AND step to avoid continuing until both are complete. This works correctly.
  2. The process chain has a single DTP loading DSO B with "Request by Request" option checked.
  3. Activation step immediately follows Step 2

It appears that activation in step 3 is sometimes triggered after the first of the two requests to be loaded in Step 2. We are sometimes getting the error message "Datastore must have QM status green before it is activated." When we check the data target, all requests are green and a repeat activation succeeds. Looking at the history this morning, we can see that on some days, data in DSO B has activated without the second request, so only one of the two requests was used in downstream processing.

The process chain logs show very clearly that the event between the DSO load and activation is triggered before the second request is fully loaded. SAP Note 1180301 seems to describe the behavior we are seeing, but only applies to 7.0 and 7.1. Is anybody aware of this behavior in SAP BW 7.3?