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Aug 04, 2015 at 01:35 PM

IDM 8.0 Provisioning Job in Error : how do we restart it?


Hello experts,

while testing our configuration on an IDM 8.0 system, we have two provisioning jobs (non standards) that fell into an Error status :

in 7.2, i was able to reset easily the status to Idle by doing a force restart on my provisioning job.

In 8.0, that option is gone, at least for provisioning jobs :

In a task, the option is still available:

what is the easiest way for us to set the status to Idle again? As long as it is in error nothing will trigger it and everything will just stay stuck so apart modifying directly the database (which the admins won't like), I didn't find any other way to do it... do you have any suggestion?

Thank you,



Error.JPG (20.6 kB)
Job state.JPG (39.1 kB)
Task state.JPG (43.4 kB)