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Aug 04, 2015 at 12:55 PM

OAA active - issue with KO8G mass settlement of PM Orders



We have recently activated Business Function LOG_EAM_OLC and set up the relevant configuration of Order Type and Plant to allow the creation of a settlement rule at each operation within a PM order.

I have created a single PM Order with 5 operations and created a PM confirmation against each Operation to post Actual Costs against each operation. For each Operation on the PM Order we are settling to a WBS.

The issue appears to be with using KO8G - mass settlement. We have previously used a variant for report RKOSEL00 and we have populated a value of WBS in the Account Assignment Category field within the Settlement Receiver (Settlement Rule) selection.

When using transaction KO8G with the WBS value in the variant, the PM Order is not found. However when the value WBS is removed from the variant the PM Order is found and settlement will be run.

I have searched SAP Notes in this area but I could not find anything specific - has any one come across this issue before and if so how was this issue resolved?

(A simple solution would be to remove the WBS from the variant but I am curious as to why this has now stopped mass settlement of PM Orders where OAA has been activated!!)


Gary B