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Aug 04, 2015 at 12:42 PM

Negative Payment


Dear Experts,

there is a issue in my client.

Scenario 1. If one employee has taken loan, and if he has full LOP for that period then while running the payroll it will try to deduct the loan installment, and /561 will be generated. So next period this will create /563 and this loan amount will deduct in that month and payslip will show incorrect in netpay.

Scenario 2- If one employee is full LOP in a period Eg July. Then employee given some LOP's in June also. This also creating incorrect netpay as /561 and /563 is creating for that period. The issue is net pay will not be correct and cannot post to FI.

What is the configurations i need to do for this.

Please help me for that.