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Aug 03, 2015 at 10:00 PM

About "No RFC destination is defined for SAP Global Trade Services"


Hi, Gurus,

I got a "No RFC destination is defined for SAP Global Trade Services" error when I trying POST GOODS ISSUE.

According to the solutions of SAP note 825448, I tried to deactivate the GTS transfers by

-> Sales and Distribution

-> Foreign Trade/Customs

-> SAP Global Trade Services - Plug-In

-> Control Data for Transfer to SAP Global Trade Services

-> Technical Activation of Document Transfer

- Activate Transfer of Sales Documents (SD0A)

- Activate Transfer of Outbound Deliveries (SD0B)

- Activate Transfer of Billing Documents (SD0C)

- Activate Transfer of Purchase Orders (MM0A)

- Activate Transfer of Inbound Deliveries (MM0B)

- Activate Transfer of Goods Movements (MM0C)

When I tried to execute " Activate Transfer of Outbound Deliveries (SD0B)", the system mentioned another error:

"BAdI implementation /SAPSLL/PI_SD0B_TRANSFER not found in enhancement implementation /SAPSLL/PI_SD0B_TRANSFER"

In order to solve this problem, the Note 1687738:( Note 1687738:KBA: Activation of transfer BAdI is not working )offers solutions as follow:

  1. Go to Transaction SE18 or SE19
  2. Enter the relevant BAdI
  3. Activate the BAdI implementation itself

My current problem is when I execute SE18, I cannot find the relevant BADI. When I enter the "PI_SD0B_TRANSFER" as an entry, system mentioned "Enhancement PI_SD08_TRANSFER does not exist" , in F4 Help list, I cannot find it at all.

I am a new guy in SAP, I know my question maybe stupid, but could anyone tell me what will I do to solve this problem please? what is the so-called " relevant BADI" for my case? is it the " PI_SD0B_TRANSFER"?

Many thanks..