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Aug 03, 2015 at 05:38 PM

GRC PC 10.0 Cannot find control in Scheduling Automated Monitoring


Hi Experts,

I am facing error while searching control in Scheduling Automated monitoring. So far, I have completed following steps

  • Create Control --> Done
  • Create Data Source --> Done
  • Create Business Rule --> Done
  • Assign Business Rule to Control --> Done
  • Schedule continuous monitoring job --> There is no data matching the selection criteria.

Can anyone please help ?

I followed


If the desired control could not be found unexpectedly, please check the
following important points to find the possible reasons:

The regulation who is indicated by you in the previous Share Regulation step is applied as a default search criteria in this step.

Only auto or semi-auto control could be searchable, manual control could not
be used in scheduler.

For Automated Monitoring Job, only control whose trigger value is Date could
be searchable; for Incoming Event Handling Job, only control whose trigger value
is Event could be searchable.

Proper Business Rules must be assigned to control under the specific
regulation who is indicated by you in the previous Share Regulation step with an
reasonable period, and the proper frequency, Monitoring/Compliance flag must
also be maintained if applicable. Please pay more attention on the
Business Rule Assignment valid period, which could be seen through click
Professional View button in Business Rule Assignment component. The date of Test
Period who is indicated by you in the previous Header step must be totally
covered by the corresponding Business Rule Assignment Valid Period, not any gap

For Automated Monitoring Job except SoD Integration and Process Integration
sub scenario, you must have proper authorization to applied connectors defined
in Business Rule.

For Automated Monitoring Job with Configurable and Programmed sub scenario,
If control¡¯s corresponding organization has OLSP maintained, only the
connectors maintained in this OLSP could be searchable.

If the target connector is indicated in the previous Header step, only this
target connector could be searchable.




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