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Aug 03, 2015 at 09:37 AM

Segregation of 2-step picking items to non 2-step items


Hi All,

I've been trying to run a simulation to process picking of items with 2-step picking and the other is not in one Outbound Delivery. The data I am using was already defined and extended in article master. But I can't get through with my testing. When I create a grouping for the 2-step items in VL06P, items not relevant in 2-step picking includes. In LT0E, they are all dispalyed as 2-step relevant. Just to segregate them, I need to execute LT72 to determine 2-step relevance. What I expect is when I create a grouping, the 2-step relevance should be included only on the Group. And to process the items that is not 2-step, I can just click "Create TO in Foreground" or LT03.

Hoping for soonest response.

Thank You,