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Aug 03, 2015 at 08:34 AM

How to define different custom symbols for the same object depending on the diagram context?



Is it possible to set a criteria depending on the Diagram stereotype ?

Example: For the same object (e.g. Architecture Area in EAM), I would like to display it in 2 ways:

  • "Summary"
  • "Complete" with sub-functions

depending on a diagram context.

For that I can create 2 stereotypes of City map diagram : "Summary diagram" and "Complete diagrams" and if I drag and drop the same object in one or the other diagram, the corresponding custom symbol displayed is automatically applied => is it possible to use such criteria?

Response from Support:

Regarding your question about criteria, you can use any expressions valid for the PowerDesigner GTL and you can reference any extended attributes defined at the metaclass level in the condition, but not those defined under the criterion itself.

It might be achieved by identifying the activediagram when the symbol is being created. We have not found such attribute available.

I've performed some additional tests in the meanwhile, and indeed, ActiveDiagram is not a global property we can access in GTL. Does anyone have any idea on this ?

Thanks in advance.