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Aug 02, 2015 at 06:18 PM

FG GR value from unit costing of material assigned to activity


Hi Guys,

This is the 1st time, I am working with MTO scenario. I am stuck in a situation where we want to determine price of FG from the unit costing of project during GR of the production order.

Let me explain you what we have done so far.

1) After creation of project, WBS, Network and activity, we assign FG to the activity through which we will generate planned order for production and PR for all the dependent requirements.

2) Then we do the unit costing of the FG that we have assigned to that activity.

3) The standard price of FG in the material master is maintained as Rs. 1.

4) So after unit costing, the FG price should have been updated as per the unit costing value but here is the problem, the value of FG is still same Rs. 1.

5) we are using the standard SAP costing variant PS04 for unit costing of material. The strategy sequence is also same standard as given by SAP.

6) Earlier we tried to do costing through automatic network costing through costing variant PS02 but unsuccessful.

Please let me know what I am missing or where I am doing wrong.

Thanks and Regards,