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Jul 31, 2015 at 01:24 PM

Defect class during Result recording



I need help with regards to Defect class recording during result processing (QE01).

My scenario:

When an “out of spec” result is recorded, a Defect class of “02” defaults (after valuating and closing inspec charac) and a Notification is generated.

It then becomes necessary to update the Defect class using 2 options:

  1. 1) QF02: Double click on item and change Defect class to “03” OR
  2. 2) QE01: Activate menu “Settings / Defect class on”. Then select the Inspec charac (which has status “5” - Processing is completed) and “Put in process” and then “Valuate” it. A pop-up window will appear and Defect class can be changed to "03".

I’ve noted the following:

When using option 2, the Defect class is updated to “03” in results screen (QE01) as well as QF02, but a new notification is created. The original notification will be closed (NOCO) automatically.

When using option 1, the Defect class on results screen (QE01) does not update to “03” and keeps the original Defect class. However, Notification will be updated.

Does anyone know of a setting or note that will ensure changes to Defect class using QF02 will also update to QE01?

Kind regards