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Jul 31, 2015 at 09:29 AM

Multiuser request - the closing email notification is not sent to the receipient GRAC_REQUESTER


Dear Community,

maybe you can help me with a strange issue.

We have problems with the sending of an e-mail notification for multiuser requests.

We want to send the closing e-mail for the event "END_OF_REQUEST", to got to

- requestor "GRAC_REQUESTER" with e-mail text 1

- user "GRAC_USER" with e-mail text 2

for single user requests AND MULITUSER requests.

For single user requests, the "END_OF_REQUEST" notifications reaches the receipient as configured.

For multiuser requests, closing email notification is not send to the receipient as configured in MSMP Global Settings for the "END_OF_REQUEST" event if the request includes more then one user in tab USER in the Access Request.

This issue happens only for the mulituser requests, works fine for single user requests (also if I select "Request for MULTI" and includes one user on tab USER during the creation of an access request).

We have implemented SAP NOTE 1620646 (=1727135) to send single closing notifications to the per GRAC_USER (with only the personal variables includes - e.g. Provisioning).

This SAP NOTE implements class CL_GRFN_MSMP_NOTIF_MULTIUSER for BADI/Enhancement Spot GRFN_MSMP_NOTIFICATION_ES to send single/personalized closing e-mails to GRAC_USER.

But we want not to sop the sending of closing notifications to GRAC_REQUESTER for single AND MULTIUSER requests.

There is a SAP NOTE 1995396 which describes a similar behaviour, but for a different BADI. It instruts to deactivate the BADI implementation, but to stop the sending of single emails per GRAC_USEr is no option for us.

Does some have any idea how to solve this problem?

Many thanks in advance!