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Jul 30, 2015 at 11:04 AM

SAP HCM P&F FPM: Issue in updating SUBTY field of Custom Infotype


Dear Experts,


1. I have created a (custom) Infotype with 4 Subtypes (all fields are common for all subtypes). Infotype Characteristics, Technical Attributes are properly maintained to handle Subtypes for this Infotype. Subtype Obligatory is checked.

2. Also, I have created an HCM FPM based Form. Designed Backend Generic Service to update the Infotype.

I could clearly see that the Backend Service is populating the field I9006_SUBTY field in the DO_OPERATIONS method of generic service. But when the workflow updates the Infotype (Save Form after Approve form task), the SUBTY field is not updated and rest all fields are updated properly.

Please suggest, if i did something wrong.

In my HRASR_DT transaction, in the section to pick the service fields, i dont find it as part of the field. I doubt if this could be the reason.

To avoid this, i have added the field manually.

With the above code in DO OPERATIONS method, i am able to fill it in the service datasets, but the issue is when it updates the database.

Please suggest.




pastedImage_0.png (33.1 kB)
pastedImage_0.png (35.5 kB)
pastedImage_1.png (14.1 kB)
pastedImage_2.png (10.7 kB)