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Feb 01, 2006 at 06:44 AM

Frankfurt 6th of February SDN Meet! Who is coming?


Hi SDNers,

If you live or work in or close to Frankfurt Germany and would like to meet and hang out with your fellow SDNers for an unofficial evening at the Lorsbacher Tal Appelwoiwirtschaft Lorsbacher" target="_blank">">Lorsbacher Tal Appelwoiwirtschaft. Then swing by that pub on Monday the 6th of February starting at 7pm.

I will be there and Benny and let's see who else is interested. Benny called them and they said we don't need reservations, after all it is Monday evening. May be we can surprise them a bit.

If you coming please add to this thread and let us know if you bring friends. Really loved our unofficial events before the SDN Meets Labs.

Really looking forward to it, Mark.

Address is: Grosse Rittergasse 49-51

D-69504 Frankfurt (Alt Sachsenhausen)

More details in the <a href="/people/mark.finnern/blog/2006/01/31/frankfurt-here-we-come">Blog</a>