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Jul 28, 2015 at 09:29 AM

backup and page size clarification required


Hi guys,

Looking at the notes for backup and recovery.

1588316 - SYB: Configure automatic database and log backups

It states Create a job and a schedule for each database you want to back up, since you cannot have one job dumping 3 databases simultaneously for example master,SID at the same time is the recommendation to dump the small databases first and the big database SID last?

(I think this would be the logic to avoid overlapping jobs)

Secondly when creating sp_thresholdaction_logfreespace as per note 1801984 - SYB Automated management of long running transactions, I need to create the threshold and need to calculate the pages.

My transaction log is actually only 10GB in this example , the database is running 2k pages. Now I know how to convert the 2k page conversion to MB and reverse.

Converting from 2K page size to MB -> 1792000/512 = 3500MB

Converting from MB to 2K Page size->3500MB*512=1792000

But my question is when I run the following queries it seems my logsegment has a different pagesize!



sp_helpsegment logsegment


Then my return results are:

syslogs 0

total_size total_pages free_pages used_pages reserved_pages

----------------- --------------- --------------- ------------- ---------------

10240.0MB 655360 651224 4136 0

If I select @@pagesize it is set to 2K.

1> select @@pagesize

2> go



(1 row affected)

I think my pagesize for my logsegment is a different size if I use 655360 as the size to calculate the MB conversion is 1280MB, which is oviously incorrect could you please clarify this for me, and how to determine logsegment page size?

Kind Regards,