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Jul 27, 2015 at 04:07 PM

Controlling area setting issue


Dear All,

We have a critical question regarding the suitable setting for a Controlling company Code.

Let me explain the case: Our current controlling structure (already in Production) is grouped around a unique Controlling Company code running in EURO, with this particular setting:

Assignment control:

CoCd--->CO Area= Cross-company-code cost accounting

Currency Setting:

Currency type=20

Currency= EUR

Diff. CCode Currency is flagged

Up to now, all the Financial company codes attached under this Controlling Company Code setting, run in EURO, so there are no problems to see the accounting and cost information (profitability CO-PA and costing CO-PC), in EURO currency, obviously.

However, now we are going to attach a new Financial Company running in GBP, and it will work with a double currency: GBP as the company currency, and EUR as grouping currency.

Now, with the current CO setting I have told you before:

Will I be able to view the controlling information in GBP when limiting the view only to this new Financial Company (which runs in GBP)?

By extension, will I be able to view the controlling information in EUR when I want to see the aggregated costing & profitability information of all the companies, including of course the Financial company code running in GBP?

In the end, what I want to know is if I will be able to see the costing information in GBP and EUR, depending on what I ask for, and taking into consideration the current setting of my Controlling Company code. If not, would it be possible to change my Current type setting from '20' to '30' or better not to change this?

A good answer to this question would be of great help and would boost our project implementation, as well as very good rewarded.

Many thanks in advance.