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Jul 24, 2015 at 06:07 AM

Trigger SAP PO process from PO


Hi Gurus,

Our requirement is like this, A third party system provides us a web service to be consumed and as discussed, the service is supposed to be called on 3:00PM daily. There is no need to give any information in the request message and the web service will give whatever we wanted in the response message based on the calling time.

My question is since there is no sender business system, can the schedule of the process be configured somewhere in PO? how can this process be triggered regularly? Currently i just configured a file adapter to trigger the process, which looks very ugly. we do not have an ECC system btw. So ABAP proxy cannot be used as the sender either.

The elegant solution should be a process start from SAP PO i assume.

i assume it should be a common request. isn't it?