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Jul 23, 2015 at 03:45 PM

Change Material Master-Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Delta Factor



I am doing a case study in production planning in SAP and that requires me to change Material Master record, However the case study directs me to change alpha factor to 0.20, however only value i could see that fits in to that field is 0.00 and if i enter any other value its just not accepting.

same way i have been asked to enter different values for beta/gamma/delta, however only one value 0.00 is allowed. Am i supposed to define other values in some other form so that these values get populated here? and then i use it? i am kind of stuck, anybody out there can throw some ideas of how to enter values other than 0.00 in this field? am i missing something?

as per case study its given that i am supposed to enter values like below shown in the screenshot.

however when i login to my SAP instance i am only allowed to enter 0.00