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Jul 23, 2015 at 02:25 PM

Issue on VF04/VF06 Invoice Creation with Multiple Documents.


Hi Experts,

While creating an invoice through VF04/VF06 - we are doing the following checks in the user exit USEREXIT_NUMBER_RANGE.

(VBRK-VKORG)sale org = IT01, billing type(VBRK-FKART) <> YFC and ZFC , Net Value in Document Currency = 0 (VBRk-NETWR) and at least one line item category(VBRP-PSTYV) <> ZANN item category.

If the above conditions are satisfied we should restrict the system not to create an invoice for a particular document and should continue for the rest of the documents.

When executing the t-code VF04/VF06 with multiple billing documents the above exit is stopping our invoice creation process if any one of the billing document satisfied our condition.

Here is an example:

Delivery documents :say 1,2,3

1-Invoice should generate

2-Invoice should not get generate bcoz the above validation is satisfying(Issuing an error message)

3-Invoice should generate

When we are running as a bulk either in foreground or background,the invoice generation is getting terminated bcoz of delivery document 2.

Kindly provide your suggestions.