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Upgrades - Does SUM 1.0 SP18 bring in new checks for inactive objects?

As part of the preparation for the upgrade of our main ERP systems from ECC6 EhP6 to EhP8, I've been running some test upgrades, on a copy of our Dev system.

I'm now on the second upgrade of it (we've taken a new copy of Dev), but I'm getting prompted for something I didn't see last time. In the PreProcessing phase MAIN_INIT/REPACHK1 I'm seeing "Inactive Objects and Open Repairs found" which lists 228 inactive customer objects (plus one transport). The previous upgrade (copy of same system remember) didn't report a single inactive object, just three transports. Many of the objects are many years old, so have definitely not changed between these upgrades.

The only difference is that this latest upgrade was carried out with the latest SUM - 1.0 SP18, whereas the previous ones were using SP17. Is it possible that SP18 is carrying out additional checks? I'm also wondering just how important it is to fix these now, given the previous upgrade coped without them being touched.

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  • Hi Richard,

    we experiencing a similar situation using SUM 1.0 SP.19 PL4 Did you ignore this? We tried as hard as possible to activate or delete said inactive objects, most if not all of them residing in $TMP, so I'm not sure whether this prompt from SUM could be considered as a bug.

    Any input (also from other experiencing this issue) would be highly welcome.



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    Hello Jens,

    Do you know what was done to fix this issue in SUM 1.0 SP19 ?



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  • Jun 16, 2017 at 08:53 AM

    This isn't a bug, it is because of the new way to migrate the customer coding (EhP8 isn't using the System Switch Upgrade, the shadow System is built up by using the Export DVDs instead). When you don't activate / delete the objects, they can't be migrated.

    We also have 1 object left, which is a include with $01 at the end - I can't find it in SE80 / TADIR, does anyone else have this problem?

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