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SIS updated for sales order and Invoices but not for Outbound delivery

hi Guys,

We have one custom info structure as S901 and it is having all the data for sales order, delivery and invoices. this info structure is having one characteristic as Product hierarchy. and now we want to update this info structure.

I am able to create a new version with OLI7 & OLI9. but could not update SIS for OLI8(Delivery) for new version. but the original version(000) is correctly updated for sales order, delivery and invoices.

it means when it updates the original version automatically than the values are coming correctly. but when i manually try to create new version, than it is not updating.

When I check the MCVT for delivery it shows that -  Period is displaying as 00000. and other values are coming correclty for delivery.

please see the screenshots.


MC26 ------

MC26 LOG ----

MCVT -----

I can understand that it is not updating because of the date value. but how this is fetching? do anybody have idea. please let me know.

MC23.JPG (105.2 kB)
MC26.JPG (128.3 kB)
MC26 LOG.JPG (115.8 kB)
MCVT.JPG (93.8 kB)
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2 Answers

  • Jul 22, 2015 at 01:33 PM

    Since it is a customized table, you have to check with your technical team who have done the coding.

    G. Lakshmipathi

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  • Jul 22, 2015 at 08:09 PM

    It does show in your screenshot that date for period is MCLIPS-APERDAT. Not sure why it would have zeros in the period - maybe wrong date is in the field or maybe there is something wrong with the period determination. I've never used periods with SIS, so can't really tell.

    I'd suggest to do some debugging. You could run "where used" for the field in SE11 and go from there.

    Also keep in mind that when key figure value is 0 update does not occur because it would make no difference. So make sure there actually is any data to be updated.

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    • Solomon, not sure you understood me - info structures are updated from the so called communication structures (MC...). There could be some issue with transferring the data to those communication structures. You won't see it anywhere in the database.

      From your original post it seems that you've changed the info structure and need to update the historic data. But after making the change have you confirmed with at least one document that it is working correctly? If it worked before but does not work after your update then, unless there is a data issue (is fiscal period actually maintained for the date in question?), it's a no-brainer that change is the problem.

      If you change the info structure then you need to re-build the update definitions and generate everything. Then test just a few documents. Only after that you'd go to mass update.

      Make sure to regenerate everything and make sure your data is correct. If there is still an issue have someone to debug it. I doubt SCN can help with such odd issues.