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Jul 21, 2015 at 09:54 PM

SAP Work Manager 6.2 (Agentry) - Integration of multiple Back-end Systems


Hello Experts,

I have one question and it's important for me ;-) We are still working with the SAP Work Manager.

And for Information: we store our data in multiple Back-end Systems. So the Business Data are stored in the SAP ERP System and the technical Data are stored in a separate System.

So my Question is, is it possible to get data for objekt (i.e for one work order) from multiple Back-end systems and in case of yes, how?

For example in terms of a work order, the operation planning etc is done in the ERP System but the data concerning the functional location for example is stored in another non sap system. The Link between the word order and the functional location is the structure indicator.

So until now my understanding is that i can define various steps and each step could be again various back-end systems but my question is, is it possible to merge or join the both data from the various data sources.Is it possible through the step definitions or in the java classes in the middleware or how and when?

So maybe you have nice ideas. Then let me know.