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Jul 21, 2015 at 02:24 PM

HIVE ( HADOOP) System Connection to HANA


Hi Folks,

I have a requirement for connecting HIVE system with HANA. Hive is the source and HANA will be the Target. Here my requirement is not to store the data from HIVE in Persistence Layer. Data should be shown Virtually

- I know we can achieve this by Creating Connection with Smart data Access

- Smart data Access will show the list of the Tables under HIVE Source system ( This is my understand)

- Now my First question is - Would I be able to see the data for list of the tables that are shown under HIVE source system in Remote Sources ?

- I have already created Virtual Tables in HANA with the SQL Code - CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE MFGSCHEMA.TABLEABCAT HiveProd"."HIVE"."mfgpro_psna_adm"."aps_mstr";

- This Table has been created and it shown some Remote object in the table.

- If I preview the data in the table in HANA , it will calls the data from HIVE system and shows virtually - Please confirm if this is correct

I wanted to understand in Detail HIVE system connectivity with HANA.

Could anyone please share me Detail level of document on Smart Data access Connection ( HIVE with HANA ) ?

Appreciate your prompt response !