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Jul 20, 2015 at 03:29 PM

does the new analysis authorization affect the planning tool or any other system change ?


Hallo experts

I am in the process implementing analysis authorization for a client ,

They are now using Bw 7.3 with BPS tool and still using reporting authorization .(RSR) .

They still haven’t decided if there are going to use BPC or an external planning tool .

Somehow they are scared to implement the new authorization concept as they think new technical infobjects (0tca*) might affect the planning tool .

My suggestion was to implement new authorization concept application by application and doing the planning tool later !

  1. Is this true that the activation of the technical content info objects will affect the rest of the system, specially BPS, though the planning roles are left unchanged ?

2 . suppose i continue using RSR object , if i do need to have the authorization object on every cube in order to auhtorize data ?

example: infoobject 1 is avalible only on cube 1 and cube 5 ,(do i need to add the authorization object on cube 2,3,4 ) ?

thanks in advance .