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Jul 20, 2015 at 07:44 AM

Multiple Account Assigment with Q typed Stocked material


Hello experts,

I am trying to consolidate same materials from different account assignments into same line item. To do this I have activated LOG_MM_MAA_1. After that I still recieve the error 06268. I continued to search and found note: 1889731.


Not able to create PO with Account assignment Category 'Q' and Multiple Account assignments.


  • Materials Management (MM)
  • SAP ERP Core Component
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create PO with Account Assignment "Q".
  2. In Accounting details chose Multiple account assignment.
  3. You will get the error message 06268.


In the following path> OLME
> Account Assignment
> Maintain Account Assignment Categoriesfor account assignment category 'Q' the field Consumption posting as 'P' (Accounting via project) is set.


  • It is not allowed to have multiple account assignment items within one purchase order item if the item is accounted on individual customer requirement or individual project requirement.
  • It is mentioned in note 484982.
  • This is standard system design. If you want to maintain multiple account assignment in PO then you must select this field Consumption posting as 'V' (Consumption).

So I did the configuration according to note and now I recieve the error MEPO143. Now I cannot find any information concerning the error.

Is it possible to consolidate different lines for different special stocks? Am I trying to do something not possible for SAP standards? If not please guide me.

Best regards,