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Jul 19, 2015 at 09:07 PM

Calculate Total Value based on the User Input % inthe Integarted Planning WorkBook


Hi Team,

I wanted to start a new conversation with different subject as it will be easy to find when people search on this.

I have the planning query, currently I have hardcoded the fiscal year period dates for testing ( plan is to use the customer exit later),the query allows to user input the sales amount at a account level(based on the hierarchy).

But the user also want to calculate the final value using above user input sales amount * %(user input).

Can you please advice on how to proceed on this? Are there any documents that I can reference

Below is the example:

Account Fiscal Year Period

001.2015 002.2015

A 15000 10000 ---- Rolled up to node level

--A1 10000 5000 ----- User Inputs

--A2 5000 5000------User Inputs

25% --- User input

Total Sales = 10000(Rolled up to node level value) * 25% (user input %)

How can I achieve this using the IP within the workbook?

Thank you.