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Planning with different time profile levels


In our environment we are facing an issue related to different time profile levels being in use in different business units and I am currently not sure how to deal with that in setting up the planning environment...

On a corporate HQ level we do plan in

  • weeks,
  • calendar months,
  • quarters and
  • years.

Most of our business areas adhere to the same logic - except one business unit that does planning and reporting in their local system in

  • weeks,
  • "periods" (of 4 weeks each - so 13 in total in the year - not in line with the calendar months),
  • quarters and
  • years.

Is it possible to setup the planning environment in a way that the business units can use both time profile levels and still have a consolidation of the planning results possible on the corporate HQ level? Or would you recommend to bring all business units to the same time profile level?

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    Jul 20, 2015 at 03:38 PM

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Your first case represents a technical bucket where a week can lie between two calendar months. So you will have to split the week and it will have two different PERIODIDs. Both these period IDs will have different parents IDs and further hierarchy will be built accordingly.

    In the second case an entire week can have only one Period ID and Parent ID.

    So both the above cases will have different time data set and need to be modeled in different time profiles. Now since two time profiles cannot be assigned to a single planning area so i think you might need to create two different planning area for the mentioned BUs Or alternatively, as you suggested, use same time profile for all BUs.



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    • Hi Aditya,

      Could you please elaborate a little bit?

      My understanding so far:

      - create a MD which consists of BUPERIODS

      - include BUPERIODS as root attribute of the planning levels

      - define KFs at this new planning level

      - load KFs at BUPERIODS granularity

      Then in a planning view, we could bring in the column axis the Periods and even hide the standard ones. So good so far...

      But how do we really model?

      Imagine that we have 4 countries with standard calendar and the 5th country with this BUPERIODS. Still we need an overall picture.

      To achieve this I would think at:

      A. We include BUPERIODS in every single planning level.

      I can see how the integration would work.

      For the "black sheep" country we could have a lookup into a file within the integration flow and say which BUPERIOD corresponds to the KF date.

      For the rest of the countries we could have a default mapping "DUMMY" (given that DUMMY is maintained in BUPERIOD master data)

      But having this change on planning levels will impact the planning operator. => non go

      B. We create copies of the standard planning levels and duplicating the KFs.

      Then we also include a calculation that would aggregate the BUs into standard periods.

      e.g: ACTUALSBU @perprodcustbu

      ACTUALSBU@perprodcust = sum ACTUALSBU@perprodcustbu

      Then the ACTUALS would be calculated in order to include also ACTULASBU.

      Still we would need to define the Supply KFs at the standard granularity.

      Do you have a different opinion on how we could make this configuration work? Maybe I just over complicate things...

      Thank you,


      bu.png (5.8 kB)