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Jul 17, 2015 at 04:11 PM

Identify Event for SecDep Rq to update FKKOP


Here is the scenario fellow FICA experts:

At our location we have implemented using profit centers on the FICA documents for our accounting team.

We have one company code which is split between two business areas, thus two profit centers as well.

I have configured all FICA doc line items in TFK033D to be CO assigned to the corresponding profit center to business area.

CoCode 1000 - BA1 - PC2

1000 - BA2 - PC1

This configuration has worked for all postings except the statistical postings for security deposit requests, 0020/0020. I have added the 0020/0020 to the table TFK033D, but the CO selection chooses the first profit center in the hierarchy per the example above PC2 for the BA1.

I am unable to configure this by business area for the same company code, for company code is part of the key in tcode EK02 and not Business Area.

Therefore, I have moved along to a custom enhancement. However, none of the provided events by SAP in FQEVENTS contain the object FKKOP for exporting - updating the profit center field per the FICA line item.

Any ideas . . .

Thank you