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Jul 17, 2015 at 05:32 AM

F110 - Generate raw file



We have a requirement where we need to generate a raw file for F110 processing, and forward it to a third party system for printing.

At the moment, as per the configuration in FBZP, the program calls two different SE71 forms in background, through programs RFFOAVIS & RFFOEDI1.

These generate the spools directly.

But we do not want to generate a spool.

We would like to generate a file instead and foward it to another system.

We are aware how to forward the file to 3rd party system once it is generated.

But we have no clue how to make the F110 generate a file.

I was under impression that the SE71 form will have an exit (Like the ones in EFRM forms) which I can change to get the content and export to the file.

But there is no exit involved here. (Atleast that's what it seems to be)

Can anyone please let me know how I can achieve this. (That is: Generate a file through F110 instead of a spool. Meaning we would like to override the spool logic and generate a file with the required content instead)