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Jul 16, 2015 at 07:38 PM

Purchase Requisition Batch Input by LSMW - RM06BBI0



I am creating a Batch Input for PR and i got into a problem.

I am doing many different PRs creation and they can have different Account Assignments. Some are linked to WBS, others PM Orders,others Cost Centers and some have no Account Assignment.

Now i have been the past 3 hours trying to make LSMW understand that i got 5 account assingment fields (one for PM order, other for WBS, other for Network diagram, one for operation, and one for Cost Center) and i want only one of them being used. When i try to run it with blank data between commas (I use CSV file with comma as separator) it says:

Field EBKN-PS_PSP_PNR(1) (entries not allowed)

Field EBKN-AUFNR(1) (entries not allowed)

Field EBKN-NPLNR(1) (entries not allowed) (sorry translated those messages manually, i use SAP at another language)

So i would like to ask you experts, what can i do to make the system understand i only want one of these fields, the others are blank and not going to be used?