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Jul 16, 2015 at 05:57 PM

Lockbox program doesnt accept wild character * in file name?


Hello Gurus

I am facing an issue in lockbox files uploading using batch jobs.

I have lockbox BAI2 text files coming in daily from bank and they get loaded into specific directories in application server of SAP. Each file we named them with a naming convetion which starts with Lockbox number followed by date & time stamps. When i Run lockbox program (either using FLb2 manually or using batch job) system picks up file and runs it perfectly. When i set up a variant and keep file name with "directory path + certain part of file name which is constant + wild character * (to pick up date & time stamp) ", system throws an error " unable to open file.

This wild character i tried with * & *.txt (dot txt) at the end of the file is not working for manual or batch job both. All I could see is RFEBLB00 (Lockbox program) requires a complete path name to read and execute and cannot accept wild characters.

I read some posts in scn and it was suggested to use function module RZL_READ_DIR_LOCAL to achieve this.

Our Requirement is to program should be able to read file and once executed also move files to Archive folder.

Does anyone have specific details how to achieve this ? If any standard SAP solution present I would prefer this. If not how do we customize using this function module above (or any other method)?