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Jul 16, 2015 at 05:29 AM

SAP PI: Unzip ZIP-File and match content



I have a requirment that I'm currently not quite sure PI can handle it:

In this scneario a file adapter is picking up a zip-file from a FTP-server. This file contains around 16 differen csv-files. Two of these files are only relevant for the further process. They need to be picked out of the other files. Then thse two files need to be matched with each other as one is containing the header information and the other form the line corresponding line information. After that the result needs to be post via a proxy object to our erp-system.

Can this scenario be resolved by a "smiple" file to proxy scenario? I have been searching around quite so time for the PayloadZipBean and have heard that this adapter module is not capaple of unzip more than one file. Is this correct? Is there any solution for creating the above described process?