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Jul 15, 2015 at 06:43 PM

Special characters in the file


Hi All,

There is a order file for every 30 mins in the server and PI needs to pickup the file by using SFTP channel. The file is always contains three special characters() at starting of the payload as below.

if there are no orders in the time frame, they are placing the blank file in the server and it has the three special characters as below.

If the file contains the payload, there is no issues in PI mapping and will be processed to ECC through proxy. but when PI picks the above empty file it is throwing error as it contains the three special characters. I tried with the option skip empty files, but didn't work as it has special characters.

Can anybody give suggestions on how can we handle this without mapping error in PI moni. I just want skip this type of files.



SpecialChar1.JPG (23.6 kB)
SpecialChar2.JPG (12.3 kB)