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Jul 15, 2015 at 02:21 PM

How to Get a Portal Roles per logged and check with user through Web Dynpro JAVA Application


Hi All My requirement is want to Disable/Enable the some Buttons in view by using the User role in Java webdynpro application User roles in SAP Portal. My version is Portal 7.0 How do we read the portal roles assigned to logged user and check whether the user belongs to particular role. If user from belongs to that ROLE, then i want to disable the button, else Ebalbe the button. Please provide some coding for How to read user roles and how to check whether the user is belongs to that role. 1. How to read the particulate portal role for user This is the unique id for role : Unique ID: TEST_ROLE 2. then how i check whether the Loging userId in belongs to that role thanks Rag