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Master data is NOT listed in the Import Job (Data Integration)

Feb 01, 2017 at 01:17 PM


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Former Member

Hello Team,

I'm loading data in to the master data through import job, csv files


YW1Component master data is active and also added to my planning area.

But when i tried to load the data in data integration, its not listed in it.


And same is the case with other master data and in other planning areas as well.

Am i missing any basic setting here ?

Thanks for your willingness to help


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Former Member Feb 01, 2017 at 04:46 PM

Hello Ankur,

Thanks a ton for the response :)

So the Reference MD Type wont be listed in the Data Integration, Fair enough.

Lets say, we have a component (4 Tires) to get in to a Product (1 Car)

So i need to upload Component & Car, both in the Product Master data. But will system identify which is a component & which is a product only by the Production Source Item (BOM). Am i getting it correct?

How will the system know which is which, if you upload everything in a Product master data.

Component Master data itself has key attributes (PrdFr) etc, So there has to be a way where the system divides them.

Please shed some light also on this

Thanks much


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Hello Venkat,

Yes your understanding is correct. Component and product both will be available in Product master data and will also be seen in reference master data. The linkage is done through SourceID in production source header and item master data. A product corresponding to a particular sourceID in header MDT would be considered as finished product and the product/s corresponding to same SourceID in item master data would represent its components.

For multi-level BOM, the component can again be maintained in production source header and linked to its components in production source item master data through a Source ID.

Hop this clarifies.



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Rohit Ranjan

Hello Rohit,

I am grateful for that detailed write-up. Really helpful.

One last doubt, so the SOURCE ID is nothing but the BOM ID right ?

So the PRODUCTION RECEIPT key figure, which is planned at (Product ID- Location ID- Source ID) ..gets a calculated value from the Optimizer run and if i "Save it" on Excel, that will be saved on to the HANA DB right ?

So if the optimizer values gets written on to the HANA DB, it can be directly utilized by the PP to trigger the PIR and other stuff automatically from S4 PP side...

Usually in APO, we release this final keyfigures manually on to the ECC.

How this release functionality works in IBP, please throw some light

Ivan Andreis
Feb 01, 2017 at 04:17 PM

Hi Venkat,

Have you gone through all the list options and did not find the YW1COMPONENT option? I am asking because unfortunately this dropdown list is not well ordered, so it may be in another position in the list.



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Ankur Patel Feb 01, 2017 at 04:33 PM

Hi Venkat

Component is the Reference MD Type, hence it is not showing in the Data Integration screen. You have to Upload Component in below tables same as other products:


Production Source Header

Production Source Item

Location Product

Production Source Resource


Ankur Patel

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