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Jul 15, 2015 at 11:38 AM

Changing the Secure User Store Encryption Key on SAP application server Hana client



I'm trying to change the encryption key used to encrypt connection information, including passwords, contained in the secure user store (hdbuserstore) on clients connecting to SAP HANA as recommended in the Hana Admin guide. In our case the clients are SAP BW application servers running under Windows.

The guide, which is the latest SPS 10 one, refers to paths <PROGRAMDATA>\.hdb\<COMPUTERNAME>\<SID> , but in our case we don't have a <SID> sub-directory. Instead we have multiple sub-directories based on the Windows user IDs for the <sid>adm and SAPService<SID> Windows accounts. We are running SPS 8 so maybe this is a version difference. I have an SPS 7 version of the admin guide but it made no reference to the process for changing a client secure store encryption key in there.

Anyway I attempted to follow the process described using our secure-store paths instead of the ones in the guide, and now when I list the hdbuserstore it appears to be empty, and when I try and add something I get an error (server names etc.. removed) :

Error 91005: Secure store call failed: Key file "C:\ProgramData\.hdb\XXXXXXXX\....\SSFS_HDB.KEY" has wrong type code

Has anyone any idea what the problem might be ?