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Jul 15, 2015 at 11:25 AM

VC easier selection of materials during the variant finding


Dear Gurus,

we are using Variant Configuration/ Material Variant: one configurable material and all the real finished products linked to it via MRP3/ Configurable Material field.

After variant matching activation the material substitution is allowed in the standard only if the characteristics detailed by the customer matches 100% those maintained in the Finished Product.

The Standard foresees that only once the match is 100% the substitution can occur.

Requirement is to be able to select/substitute in any SD documents (i.e. Quotation, Contract, Sales Order) the configurable material even though NOT ALL characteristic values have already been entered.

To satisfy the Requirement, something like a checkbox + would be great.

Result after Variant Matching activation.

At the moment we are investigating if such feature can be implemented leveraging on the pushbutton.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion!



requirement.jpg (198.9 kB)