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Jul 15, 2015 at 04:01 AM

Transport Receipt and Customer Receipt behaving differently



I am working in IBP 4.0 FP1 patch and I have following observations with respect to different behaviour of customer receipt and transport Receipt key figures. I have created a copy of SAP4 planning area and working on that and Month is the lowest bucket in my time profile. I am using planning engine as Heuristics

Scenario - Lead time for a product between Customer and Location (DC) is 2 months, defined in customer source MDT

Lead time for a product between Location (DC) and Location (Plant) is 2 months, defined in Location source MDT

If I have a demand at customer in month of August 2015, so obviously because of lead time of 2 months I cannot satisfy it so system doesn't create at customer receipt in the month of august 2015 (For all demands starting September 2015, I gets customer receipts). So this behaviour is correct and as expected.

Now at Location (DC) I have net demand in month of August 2015 and here also lead time is 2 months but system creates transport receipts which is not feasible due to lead time so this behaviour is not correct and different that customer receipt behaviour.

Have you observed this and is this standard behaviour that transport receipts can be created irrespective of lead time and customer receipt can be created only if lead time allows it to be created so demand at DC doesn't go in past.

Please suggest.