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Jul 14, 2015 at 01:15 PM

Possibility to update EH to changed customizing



testing TM-EM integration, I noticed that changes in EH type customizing are not reflected in existing event handlers. More precisely: I created an FO in TM and the corresponding EH was generated. After posting an event message to the EH via Web UI, I noticed in SLG1 that I had the wrong ruleset assigned to the EH type. I changed it, reposted the event message and still the wrong ruleset was processed. So I had to delete the FO and create a new one, afterwards it worked. The right ruleset was called, but then I notived that I forgot to change some rules. I did, but even the change in the rules were not reflected by the existing EH when I resend the event message.

The questions I have:

1) Is the whole configuration (for example, not only the name of the ruleset but all rules in the ruleset!) stored in DB for every event handler?? Or how could this behavior be explained otherwise?

2) Is there a method to "update" an existing EH to changed customizing without deleting and recreating it?