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Jul 14, 2015 at 01:19 PM

Changing read type from 3 to 4


Hi folks,

I'm following Tobias blog here;

How To filter on the initial load & parallelize replication DMIS 2011 SP06 or higher

I'm stuck on changing BSEG from type 3 load to type 4. If I have yet to start replication for BSEG it does not exist yet for me to change from type 3 load to type 4. If I start replication and then try to change immediately to type 4 my filters are ignored and it loads ALL data. I tried different things like pausing replication immediately after I start the job or stopping jobs, changing read type and then restarting and nothing is working. How can I change to type 4 prior to init job?

I'm on DMIS 2011 SPS8.