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Jul 14, 2015 at 11:03 AM

Automatic Inspection plan assignment to Inspection lot



I have multiple inspection plans valid for the same date, also I use ECN to upload the inspection plans. I know that system will not select the inspection plan automatically during the lot generation. But since the business have to maintain multiple inspection plans and also need to select the inspection plan automatically, we have planned to write a code to achieve this requirement.

We need to select inspection plan based on the revision level mentioned in the purchase order. For that revision level an ECN number will be assigned, for that ECN number an inspection plan will be maintained and this inspection plan can be assigned to the lot. I couldn't find an appropriate user exit to write this code and assign the inspection plan to the inspection lot. Kindly suggest me how to proceed with this.

Note: I can also maintain the vendor in materail assignment tab in inspection plan to make the inspection plan automatically to the inspection lot. But the business wants to achieve this through code.