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Jul 14, 2015 at 10:43 AM

Segment Has to be disable


Hi all,

Actually am working in a scenario in the which am getting a IDOC from the R/3 system and i have to pass IDOC to the Target with in the i have to

disable the fields .

What am trying to tell is i have to disable the E1POO02 when the subty is 9002 and 9003 And also when the SUBTY is 9002 and 9003 E1P1TYP also have to be disable .

so what i have did is i have used Fix values in the field of SUBTY and mapped with the Target SUBTY of E1P0002 in the which

In the Key i have kept 9002 and 9003 and value as false and kept use default value as true .

But , the target system the value are enabling ....

Please let me know what changes i have to do .